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Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance With No Waiting Period

When you want life insurance right away, there is no better option than immediate issue life insurance. After all, who wants to take an exam when they are only looking at getting a $25,000 whole life insurance policy, focused on paying for a funeral, burial and final expenses. The good news is the team at […] Read more

life insurance high risk

When one hears the term “High Risk Life Insurance”, an individual would be forgiven if they assumed that it’s a term that is only applied to applicants who have been diagnosed with some “type” of serious pre-existing medical condition. But the truth is… There are a lot of factors that could cause one to be […] Read more

review of globe life insurance company

Globe life is known in the life insurance industry as the company that offers cheap coverage with a first month payment of only $1. “$1* buys up to $100,000 life insurance for adults” They throw an asterisk in there because the $1 price changes the following month to life insurance rates based on age. Typically […] Read more

review of lincoln heritage life insurance

The best final expense insurance companies in the U.S. are companies that combine great financial ratings, top level policies, with low prices. We wrote this review of Lincoln Heritage because visitors will often come to our site to compare it with the other top burial insurance plans. We have a full breakdown of the company […] Read more

Multiple Life Insurance Policies. Yes, individuals can own several different life insurance policies on themselves. In fact, it’s quite common. What isn’t quite as common though, is understanding why some folks will choose to take out several life insurance policies on themselves and what insurance “kinds” of rules and regulations an insurance company may place […] Read more

review of AARP life insurance program

AARP’s life insurance program is administered by New York Life, one of the best life insurance companies in the U.S. However, AARP’s offerings are limited, and often you can find a similar product for less when shopping for life insurance. About AARP Once known as the “American Association of Retired Persons,” the organization now formally […] Read more

can you buy life insurance for someone else

Here at IBUSA, we’re frequently asked by folks whether or not it is possible to purchase a life insurance policy on someone else. Now we typically… Don’t get asked this question by someone who is thinking about purchasing a life insurance policy on their spouse or small child, where the answer to this question seems […] Read more

declined life insurance

Here at IBUSA, we’ll often have clients give us a call after they have already had their first (and sometimes second) life insurance application declined or postponed. As a result, we’ve gained a lot of experience helping those who have had a difficult time qualifying for life insurance in the past. This is why… We […] Read more

Accidental Overdose and Life Insurance Seeing how that in 2019, more than 69,000 people died from an accidental overdose in America alone, it’s no wonder what was once an uncommon question asked by an individual now becomes a “somewhat” common topic. Particularly when someone is looking to purchase a life insurance policy on another person! […] Read more

Exam vs No exam Life Insurance

In this article, we want to take a moment and discuss some of the differences you’ll find between life insurance policies that will require you to take a medical exam vs. those that won’t. And since we… Here at IBUSA offer both “types” of life insurance policies, our goal isn’t going to be to try […] Read more