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Final Expense Insurance

Life insurance is an important financial tool that provides financial security for your loved ones in the event of your unexpected death. And while it can be used to cover a wide variety of expenses ranging from mortgages, lost wages, and even future college expenses, most of the time when someone is considering purchasing a […] Read more

Cremation is becoming an increasingly popular funeral option, as more and more people are choosing this method of disposition for themselves or their loved ones.  And while there are a wide variety of reasons why someone might choose to be cremated or have a loved one cremated, the cost can and often will play a […] Read more

Life Insurance for Seniors Over 80

Typically, when someone begins looking for a life insurance policy at the age of 80 or above, what they’re usually looking to purchase is a final expense or burial life insurance policy. This way… When the inevitable happens, there will be a small whole life insurance policy in place that can help their loved ones […] Read more

Guaranteed issue life insurance means just that. If you meet a couple requirements, you are guaranteed to be accepted, which is why guaranteed issue is also known as guaranteed acceptance life insurance, i.e. life insurance with no health questions. The requirements are pretty simple. In most situations, you must be within the age limits, typically […] Read more

Is it possible to purchase Life Insurance without health questions? Yes, it may be possible to purchase a life insurance policy without answering any health-questions, but not all no health questions life insurance policies are the same. This is why, we wanted to take a moment and discuss what a no health questions life insurance […] Read more

Nowadays, it seems like just about every commercial on TV or Radio seems to be trying to sell someone some type of burial life insurance. The only problem is that most of these commercials only focus on how “easy” it can purchase a final expense insurance policy. But very few discuss “how” one should go […] Read more

Burial Insurance with No Waiting Period

One of the main selling features, insurance companies and agents will use when describing a burial life insurance policy is the fact that oftentimes, individuals will be able to qualify for coverage immediately.  Or in other words, they will be able to purchase their burial life insurance policy with no waiting period. And while this […] Read more

Is Final Expense Insurance a Good Deal?

This is a question that a lot of folks will ask from a variety of different perspectives. For example, some folks may be wondering if a Final Expense or Burial Insurance Policy is a good deal for them personally? While others… May be wondering if a Final Expense Insurance Policy is a good deal for […] Read more

At IBUSA, we work with the top burial insurance companies in the U.S.A. Our goal is to align our clients with the company that best meets their needs, goals, and of course, budget. So if you are a senior looking to buy the best burial insurance you have come to the right place. There are […] Read more

For many people, “life insurance” sounds like something, only the rich and famous get for their heirs, or is only something someone needs to worry about when they get “old.” But that’s the same kind of thinking that makes a roofer super busy once it starts raining! It’s also… The same kind of thinking leaves […] Read more