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Final Expense Insurance

Most life insurance policies that focus on smaller death benefits, such as a $25,000 whole life insurance policy,  are usually going to be what are called final expense or burial insurance policies. Final expense life insurance policies are usually reserved for folks over the age of 50, although some companies offer policies at age 45. […] Read more

The best life insurance companies understand that they can expand their customer base by offering financial products designed to benefit people in a variety of situations. Standard, tried-and-true whole life insurance is well-suited to applicants in many phases of life. However, for people whose circumstances make standard whole life difficult to obtain, modified whole life […] Read more

Getting life insurance over 80 years old can be a bit difficult because you have to know what companies will offer coverage and understand the different types of policies available. At IBUSA, we work with the top life insurance companies in the US, so we can help connect you to the company that will best […] Read more

When you want life insurance right away, there is no better option than immediate issue life insurance. After all, who wants to take an exam when they are only looking at getting a $25,000 whole life insurance policy, focused on paying for a funeral, burial and final expenses. The good news is the team at […] Read more

Accidental Overdose and Life Insurance Seeing how that in 2019, more than 69,000 people died from an accidental overdose in America alone, it’s no wonder what was once an uncommon question asked by an individual now becomes a “somewhat” common topic. Particularly when someone is looking to purchase a life insurance policy on another person! […] Read more

Among the best final expense insurance is a segment called guaranteed issue or guaranteed acceptance. Much as the name confers, applicants looking for life insurance are guaranteed acceptance, as long as a few criteria are met. Our goal in this article covering all things relating to the best guaranteed issue life insurance is to pull […] Read more

It’s not uncommon for us here at IBUSA to receive a call or two each week from someone who is looking to purchase a life insurance policy on someone (including themselves) that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This is why… We wanted to take a moment and answer some of the most common […] Read more

Life Insurance and Mental Health Issues. Here at IBUSA, we’ll often receive phone calls from folks asking if someone with “mental health issues” can qualify for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy. Now… This may seem like an easy question to answer, but the problem is that without an “official diagnosis,” we wouldn’t, […] Read more

AT IBUSA, we specialize in helping find life insurance for seniors. So, whether you need a lot of coverage, or just a little to cover final expenses, we can help direct you to the best company, with the best policy, based on your specific needs and wants. The following article provides tips geared towards helping […] Read more

Life Insurance for People with Schizophrenia In this article, we wanted to take a moment and try and answer some of the most common questions we get from folks either looking to purchase a life insurance policy on themselves after they have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia or looking to buy a life insurance policy on […] Read more