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Life Insurance

Select Quote is one of the biggest independent life insurance brokers representing some of the best life insurance companies in the United States. Select Quote life insurance marketing materials emphasize their large network of insurance providers and reliance on online and telephone communications. Overall, their goal is to provide consumers convenient access to competitive premium […] Read more

40 Year Term Life Insurance

40 year term life insurance is relatively new to the life insurance marketplace. What you will find is there are not a lot of top life insurance companies offering it yet. The few that do will set the stage for other insurance companies following along if the product is successful. 40 Year Term Life Insurance […] Read more

A one million dollar life insurance policy may seem like a lot at first blush but when you think about how far a dollar can go nowadays, $1,000,000 of life insurance coverage might just be what you need. When determining how much a million dollar life insurance policy costs it is important to know that […] Read more

We put together this life insurance buyer’s guide on how to buy the most affordable life insurance because unless you are in impeccable health, the most affordable life insurance rates are rarely going to be with the company that advertises, “Savings of up to 70% on your Life Insurance” Rather, the most affordable life insurance […] Read more

When searching out the best life insurance rates by age, it is important to understand that a key ingredient in finding the lowest rates is to apply with the right company from the start. Sure, if you are young and healthy, and live a pretty boring life void of travel and dangerous hobbies, you can […] Read more

Your life insurance health rating is what ultimately determines how much life insurance costs. The better your rating, the lower your rates. Probably the key takeaway from this article is that not all insurance companies are the same. The best life insurance company for you will be determined by the company that will offer you […] Read more

To get to the point, if you are considering whole life insurance, definitely choose participating life insurance over non-participating life insurance. We will get into the details below, but the main point is when you buy a participating life insurance policy you are getting an ownership share of the insurance company and you get a […] Read more

Infinite banking is a concept created by Nelson Nash that focuses on how you can become your own banker using dividend paying whole life insurance. Becoming your own banker means you use your whole life insurance policy as your personal bank, drawing money form it through withdrawals, or preferably, life insurance loans, and using the […] Read more

To get the best term life insurance rates it often pays to apply with a broker that can offer dozens of companies, so that you can choose the provider that best aligns with your needs, goals and objectives. Further, different top life insurance companies cater to different health and lifestyle niches, so applying with the […] Read more

Getting life insurance over 50 years old can be more difficult than when you were younger, but the good news is there are still plenty of options available. The good news is you can still qualify for 30 year term life insurance up to age 58. So if you are looking to lock into life […] Read more