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Burial Insurance

When looking to purchase a burial insurance policy with no waiting period, the main thing you want to be on the lookout for is an insurance policy that will provide you “full” coverage from the moment you begin making payments. And while… This may seem like an “obvious” thing to EXPECT from a life insurance […] Read more

At IBUSA, we work with the top burial insurance companies in the U.S. Our goal is to align our clients with the company that best meets their needs, goals, and of course, budget. There are some important nuances any burial insurance shopper needs to be aware of. That is why we created this burial insurance […] Read more

Dying without Life Insurance. For many people, “life insurance” sounds like something, only the rich and famous get for their heirs, or is only something someone needs to worry about when they get “old.” But that’s the same kind of thinking that makes a roofer super busy once it starts raining! It’s also… The same […] Read more

Life Insurance with Prostate Cancer.  In this article, we wanted to take a moment to answer some of the most common questions we get from folks applying for life insurance after being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Questions that will be addressed will include: Can I qualify for life insurance if I have been diagnosed with […] Read more

Because unlike other more “traditional” types of life insurance policies, which are referred to by a specific need, it’s not all that uncommon for folks to become a bit “confused” about how final expense policies or burial life insurance policies work. For this reason… We wanted to take a moment and discuss “how” final expense […] Read more

It’s not uncommon for us here at IBUSA to receive a call or two each week from someone who is looking to purchase a life insurance policy on someone (including themselves) that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This is why… We wanted to take a moment and answer some of the most common […] Read more

Here at IBUSA… We’re often asked by clients if they can purchase a life insurance policy on either their mother or father. And while… This question may seem a bit odd at first, in some cases, it may make complete sense why a financially independent adult might want to consider purchasing a life insurance policy […] Read more

How Much Does a Funeral Cost? 

It seems like just about once a day, we’ll have someone give us a call here at IBUSA, wondering how much it would cost to purchase a burial or funeral insurance policy on themselves. Which shouldn’t be… Too surprising given the fact that we pride ourselves in being able to offer a wide variety of […] Read more