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Dangerous Hobbies

Life Insurance for Bungee Jumpers. Usually, when someone thinks about purchasing a life insurance policy, the only thing that they think “might” affect their chances at being able to qualify for coverage is that they’re either:  too old for coverage, too sick for coverage, Or they can’t afford the coverage they’re looking for. But the […] Read more

Buying Life insurance for Rock Climbers If you are a rock climber, then we probably don’t have to tell you that there is nothing more exhilarating than being at one with nature while simultaneously challenging yourself to achieve new goals and challenges. Something that… We would argue is the case for those who find themselves […] Read more

Life Insurance for Race Car Drivers. When it comes time to helping professional or amateur racers find a quality life insurance policy that they can both qualify for and afford, there are two things that we can say for sure.  The first is that… Not all racers are going to be like the ones you […] Read more

When one hears the term “High Risk Life Insurance”, an individual would be forgiven if they assumed that it’s a term that is only applied to applicants who have been diagnosed with some “type” of serious pre-existing medical condition. But the truth is… There are a lot of factors that could cause one to be […] Read more

Life Insurance for Rodeo Athletes.

Life Insurance for Rodeo Athletes. During a typical life insurance application, most folks will, at some point, begin to ask themselves… “Why would a life insurance company care if __________________?” Now it could be because… The applicant is wondering why it would matter if they have: Filed for bankruptcy in the past two years? Any […] Read more

Life Insurance and Base Jumping. Seeing how Base Jumping is one of the most dangerous recreational activities in the world, it easy to see why someone who likes to base jump would want to purchase a life insurance policy. It’s also easy… To understand why a life insurance company may be a bit nervous about […] Read more

Life Insurance for Hang Gliders or Paragliding. Even before most folks begin actively looking to purchase a life insurance policy, one will understand that things like one’s age, current health status, and whether or not they smoke will affect the outcome of their application. But what many… Folks fail to realize is that what a […] Read more

The funny thing about scuba diving is that those who love doing it don’t consider it dangerous at all! Which is probably… Why so many scuba divers may be caught “off guard” a bit when asked about it during a typical life insurance application. For this reason… We wanted to take a moment and discuss […] Read more

One thing that we know here at IBUSA is that you never want to find yourself in an argument debating whether or not it’s fair that someone who frequently skydives either can’t qualify for life insurance or is forced to pay more for his or her coverage than someone who doesn’t! This is because… What […] Read more