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life insurance is it worth it

‘Is life insurance worth it?’  It sounds like a simple, “yes-or-no” question.  But like so many things in life, the answer isn’t quite so cut-and-dried.  The relative advantages and disadvantages of life insurance depend in large part on individual circumstances and objectives. That is—whether life insurance is “worth it” depends on who’s asking the question. […] Read more

At IBUSA, we are not married to any one type of life insurance and we certainly do not always recommend you “Buy term and invest the difference.” Why is that, you may ask. The main reason is, we are not trying to sell you a quick and easy term insurance policy and move on to […] Read more

how long is term life insurance

If you are considering term life from one of the best life insurance companies in the US, you will need to make a decision on the term length and the face amount of the policy. How Much Term Life Do You Need How much life insurance you need is a personal choice, but one that […] Read more

Automated Underwriting Life Insurance

Accelerated underwriting and automated underwriting are ways that insurance companies can help clients avoid the life insurance medical exam and still provide the company’s underwriter with enough information to make an informed decision on what health rating to offer the prospective client. One of the principle benefits of accelerated underwriting is you can still get […] Read more

Exam vs No exam Life Insurance

In this article, we want to take a moment and discuss some of the differences you’ll find between life insurance policies that will require you to take a medical exam vs. those that won’t. And since we… Here at IBUSA offer both “types” of life insurance policies, our goal isn’t going to be to try […] Read more

million dollars life insurance

A one million dollar life insurance policy may seem like a lot at first blush but when you think about how far a dollar can go nowadays, $1,000,000 of life insurance coverage might just be what you need. When determining how much a million dollar life insurance policy costs it is important to know that […] Read more

life insurance ages 40-49

If you are in your 40s and you need coverage, the good news is many companies are offering life insurance without an exam, so you do not have to meet with an examiner face to face or provide blood and fluid samples. Further, these policies often offer the best life insurance rates, even though you […] Read more

guaranteed acceptance life insurance

Guaranteed issue life insurance means just that. If you meet a couple requirements, you are guaranteed to be accepted, which is why guaranteed issue is also known as guaranteed acceptance life insurance. The requirements are pretty simple. You must be within the age limits, typically ages 50-80, and you must reside in a state where […] Read more

40 year term life insurance rates

40 year term life insurance is relatively new to the life insurance marketplace. What you will find is there are not a lot of top life insurance companies offering it yet. The few that do will set the stage for other insurance companies following along if the product is successful. 40 Year Term Life Insurance […] Read more

Select Quote life insurance review

Select Quote is one of the biggest independent life insurance brokers representing some of the best life insurance companies in the United States. Select Quote life insurance marketing materials emphasize their large network of insurance providers and reliance on online and telephone communications. Overall, their goal is to provide consumers convenient access to competitive premium […] Read more