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Addison’s disease also known as adrenal insufficiency is a very rare health condition that has been known to affect around 110-144 people per every million in developed countries.

And while…

Most people are aware that certain diseases and health conditions can have a negative impact when trying to apply for a life insurance, many individuals including many life insurance agents may not be aware of how being diagnosed with Addison’s disease (AKA, primary adrenal insufficiency or hypocortisolism) will affect the outcome of your life insurance application.

Now this is often due to…

The simple fact that there is a lot of “uncertainty” when it comes to those who have been diagnosed with Addison’s disease as well as the fact that a lot of life insurance agents simply haven’t had the opportunity to help try to secure a life insurance policy for someone who has been diagnose with Addison’s disease.

Now before you get too stressed out…

The good news is that even though many life insurance agents many know little or nothing about Addison’s disease most life insurance underwriters will know a lot about Addison’s disease which means that as long as you choose to apply for coverage with multiple life insurance companies, chances are, you should find an insurance company that will meet your needs.

But shouldn’t there be a better way?

We here at InsuranceBrokersUSA think so, which is why we’ve chosen to remain an independent life insurance brokerage so that we can pick and choose among dozens of different life insurance companies when it comes time to helping a more “challenging” applicant find a great life insurance policy.

You see…

Most life insurance companies are not going to have their own rules and regulations when it comes to underwriting a particular life insurance application.  Which means that while one life insurance company may consider you a “higher” risk, another life insurance company may not be all that concerned about your condition.  Especially if we’re able to demonstrate early on during your life insurance application that your “condition” isn’t something that the insurance companies should take to “seriously”.

How do we do this?

Simple, we ask you the questions that most life insurance underwriters are going to ask use those answers to help us determine “which” life insurance company is going to give you the greatest opportunity for success.

Common questions we’ll likely ask about your Addison’ disease will likely include:

  • When you were first diagnosed with Addison’s disease?
  • How long have you been treating your Addison’s disease?
  • How have you been treating your Addison’s disease?
  • And how well is your Addison’s disease being managed?
  • Are you currently working now?
  • In the past 12 months, have you applied for or received any form of disability benefits?


How well your Addison’s disease is being managed will primarily be determined by the “severity” of symptoms that you are suffering.  This is why we’ll often ask you questions specifically about your symptoms so that we can get an idea about how an insurance underwriter will view your current condition.

Are you currently:

  • Experiencing symptoms associated with dehydration.
  • Do you have any abdominal or muscle pain?
  • Do you ever get dizzy or have you fainted in the past 12 months?
  • Have you noticed a loss of appetite?
  • Do you know your average blood pressure or blood sugar?

Patients affected by Addison’s disease may also experience:

  • Little or no menstruation,
  • The darkening of the skin,
  • Excessive urination,
  • A reduced sex drive,
  • As well as a craving for salty foods.

Now, are any of these symptoms life threatening?

Of course not, this is the reason why many Addison disease applicants who have been medically diagnosed are still eligible for many of the “BEST” rate classes like Preferred or Preferred Best when applying for their life insurance coverage.

In the event that the symptoms are severe and it can be a cause of concern, insurance companies may decide to lower that rate class that you can potentially qualify for which could result in you needing to pay more for your insurance.

People that experience regular fainting or dizziness or they experience significant abdominal and muscular pain, may not be currently working right now or have been approved for a disability benefit.

In the event that this is the case, some insurance companies may view these applications as “higher risk” and thus underwrite them accordingly!

This is the reason you need to…

Work with an insurance brokerage like InsuranceBrokersUSA, which not only has the experience of working with potentially “higher risk” applicants, but also has access to dozens of different life insurance companies so that we are not solely dependent upon the “whims” of “any one” company’s underwriting guidelines!

So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

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