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Life Insurance with Osteoporosis.

Do you want to get life insurance even though you have osteoporosis? Good news! That’s not totally out of the question. It’s entirely possible to get life insurance with osteoporosis, but there are a few things you should know before you apply. So, keep reading and be on your way to a great life insurance policy with osteoporosis!

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the fragility of bones increases. This means that your bones are more susceptible to:

  • Breaks
  • Fractures

How does Osteoporosis occur?

There are a few factors that increase your chance of getting osteoporosis including:

  • Post menopause for women
  • Not enough calcium and/or vitamin D
  • Smoking
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Being underweight
  • Genetics
  • Lack of exercise

Osteoporosis normally occurs after the age of 35.

Knowing you have osteoporosis.

Most people find out they have osteoporosis when they fracture a bone, however, you can find out through an X-ray can measure bone density.

Treatment for Osteoporosis.

If you have osteoporosis your doctor will advise you to

  • Increase calcium and Vitamin D
  • Take medication for osteoporosis
  • Stop smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol
  • Regular exercise

Applying for Life Insurance with Osteoporosis.

Whenever you apply for life insurance, life insurance companies want to know one thing: are you at risk of a premature death? They analyze this risk by seeing which of your health problems could potentially cause you to die earlier than the average life span.

Does Osteoporosis put you at risk?
Well, the short answer is no. The long answer is it depends on the severity.

If you…

Have mild osteoporosis, and you are taking all your medications, calcium and vitamin D, then there’s a good chance your osteoporosis has come to a halt. Some studies even suggest that it is possible to reverse the effects of osteoporosis.


If you did have osteoporosis but don’t anymore – and it’s been some time since you did have osteoporosis – then you can easily qualify for life insurance.

In fact…

You may even qualify for a preferred rate. Yes, it’s possible to get a preferred rate on a life insurance policy with osteoporosis.


Keep in mind that a life insurance company is going to look at every aspect of your health before giving you a preferred rate. This means there’s a lot more that goes into assessing your rate than just osteoporosis in your past.

If you…

Still have osteoporosis, but it’s not progressing (i.e. you have successfully stopped bone degeneration but still show some signs of bone weakness), then you can possibly still qualify for life insurance.


It’s important to understand that not all life insurance companies will underwrite a policy for someone with active osteoporosis with the same ease. Some may charge you through the roof, whereas others will be more lenient. You will need help to find the right life insurance company for your osteoporosis.

If you…

Have severe osteoporosis, then your outlook for life insurance isn’t as good. This is especially true for older persons. If you have recently broken a hip due to osteoporosis, then it’s going to be pretty difficult to get a term or whole life insurance policy.

That’s because…

There are many instances of a broken hip in elderly persons leading to much more severe infections. It’s harder for older human bodies to recover from something like a bone break. So, if you are in the hospital with a broken bone and want life insurance, then we have another suggestion for you.

Consider a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Policy.

Guaranteed issue life insurance policies are life insurance policies that will not require you to “medically” qualify.  Which means that as long as you:

  • Are a US citizen,
  • Meet the age requirements,
  • And live in a state where guaranteed issue life insurance policies are offered,

You will qualify!  But before you get too excited, it’s important to note that most guaranteed issue life insurance policies are going to contain some “not so great” clauses and limitations which is why you should always consider them a policy of “last resort”.

The good news is that…

Here at InsuranceBrokersUSA, we not only offer guaranteed issue life insurance policies, we also work with dozens of different life insurance companies that offer traditional life insurance policies as well.  Which means that when you give us a call, we’re going to help you “shop” both options and let you decide which is best.


It’s important to remember that there are a lot of factors that go into life insurance underwriting.

Having been diagnosed with osteoporosis is an important thing, but there are many other things that could be much worse in the eyes of your underwriter. Are you overweight?

Some life insurance companies are pretty tough on obesity. Others, however, go easy on it so long as your blood pressure and cholesterol are under control. Have you had a major surgery in the last 12 months? Life insurance companies will definitely take that into serious consideration.

This is why…

We can’t simply tell you the “top five life insurance companies for people with osteoporosis” or something like that. If you have mild osteoporosis but are obese, we may recommend a different life insurance policy than if you have severe osteoporosis and no other pre-existing medical conditions at all.


The best thing you can do is call InsuranceBrokersUSA. We will help you find excellent life insurance no matter what your situation is. Our goal is to make sure you get really great life insurance. We never try to sell you a product that’s not right for you. We understand the importance of protecting your family through a reliable life insurance policy – and that’s what we’ll help you find.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

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