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Life insurance with Claudication.

If you have or have had claudication, and you’re looking to qualify for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy, then you probably already know that things can get a bit “tricky” when it comes to qualify for coverage particularly if you’re looking to find a “great” rate for that coverage.

Now this is mainly because…

When it comes time to qualifying for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy, having a pre-existing medical condition like claudication is going to place your application into a “higher risk” applicant pool.

And once…

You’re lumped into this higher risk pool you can bet that your chances of securing a great life insurance rate is going to increase significantly if you:

  • First choose to work with an insurance agent who is experienced working with folks with pre-existing medical conditions like claudication.
  • And you choose to work with an agent who has dozens of different life insurance companies to choose from when trying to determine which insurance company is going to give you the greatest opportunity for success.

Now the good news is…

That you’re already found InsuranceBrokersUSA, so it’s now up to us to convince you that we know what we’re talking about and… that we offer the insurance companies that you’re interested in.  So without further ado, let’s get down to it!

What is Claudication?

This is a circulation problem. If your body doesn’t have adequate blood flow to limbs of the body, then it can cause pain. This pain usually intensifies during exercise or other activity.

Is Claudication a disease or a symptom?

It’s actually both, depending on the “root” causes.  In some cases, claudication can be a symptom of a disease like:

  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Deep Venous Thrombosis

In others where there is not “direct” underlying disease, claudication can be the “root” cause itself.

Treatments options.

Treatment will typically depend on the cause of your claudication. It’s important to try to treat the root cause when claudication is actually a symptom. Some treatment options include:

  • Surgery
  • Medication
  • Angioplasty

***Important Reminder***

At this point we usually like to remind folks that we’re not doctors, nor are we medical professionals.  We’re just a bunch of life insurance agents that are really good at helping folks with pre-existing medical conditions qualify for great life insurance policies.

Which means that if you’re actually looking for medical help, you’ve come to the wrong place, instead, you should be visiting your doctor!

However, if you’re looking for information about how to qualify for a great life insurance policy, well then, keep on reading!

Getting Life Insurance with Claudication.

Claudication is a bit serious; after all, it’s about your blood not circulating properly and that’s a function everybody needs in order to stay healthy and alive.

It’s also why you’re going to find that most (if not all) traditional life insurance policies are going to automatically disqualify your from qualifying for a Preferred or Standard life insurance rate.

Now this does not mean that you won’t be able to qualify for insurance, it just means that you’ll want to seek out insurance companies that are going to have the “best” non-standard or table rates available.

What are Table Rates?

That’s a great question!  So, let’s just take a brief moment to describe exactly what a table rate is.

Table rates:

Are life insurance rates that are generally reserved for “higher risk” applicants who cannot qualify for a Standard of better rate.  Now there are a total of 10 table rates ranging from Table A rates which are the “best” and lowest priced table rates all the way to Table J which are the “worst” or most expensive table rates.

Now if should be noted…

That even if you qualify for a Table J rate, it could be worse, because at the end of the day, it still means that you have been able to qualify for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy which is a lot better than many other folks out there you get denied coverage all together.

Table Ratings A-J: What will you get?

Table ratings are not as favorable as a standard rating, but there is still a vast difference between a Table Rating A and a Table Rating J. The higher up you are in the alphabet, the better your rating.

With Claudication, the best you can really hope for is D. If you have more severe symptoms, but not enough to be denied, you may fall down to lower letters like H.

Are Table Ratings D and lower still okay?

This is not a great rate, but it’s still better than nothing. The other option is to get a guaranteed issue life insurance policy…but a table rating on a term or whole life insurance policy will still offer you more coverage at a lower price.

Will all life insurance companies offer the same table rating?

No. That’s why you should look to find professional help – and preferably, unbiased professional help.

What we try to do here at InsuranceBrokersUSA is…

Help you find a life insurance company that will offer you the highest possible table rating. If you look on your own, you may get a Table rating H or even get denied. But with InsuranceBrokersUSA, we can help you climb the table rating ladder, to secure a better rating by finding the life insurance company that’s right for you.

Getting Denied with Claudication.

There’s no easy way to say this, but some people may get outright rejected. It may be because you have gone with the wrong life insurance company – a life insurance company that doesn’t understand claudication. But, it may also be because your symptoms are just too severe for a term or whole life insurance policy.

If it’s to do with the wrong life insurance company…

Then you can try again. There’s still hope that you might get a term or whole life insurance policy with the help of life insurance experts like InsuranceBrokersUSA. So, give us a call and let’s find out.

If you have too severe of symptoms…

Then, we recommend you go with a guaranteed issue life insurance policy. This is a sure-shot. No matter how severe your claudication is, you can qualify for a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.

But wait.

Don’t just go online and sign up for the first guaranteed issue life insurance policy you see! There are many variations when it comes to guaranteed issue life insurance. Even if you can’t get term or whole life insurance, you still want the best coverage possible, right?

We can help you find it.

Even within guaranteed issue life insurance policies, there are some vast differences. The guaranteed issue life insurance policy that’s right for your friend may not be right for you. That’s why you should seek out the help of InsuranceBrokersUSA before you sign up. You deserve to get the most coverage at the most affordable price – and we want to help you find it.

So, don’t delay. Give InsurnaceBrokersUSA a call today and get life insurance with claudication.

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