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Virginia Mortality Rates

Mortality in Virginia

  • Virginia Population: 8,535,519 (12th highest)
  • Population Density: 115.78 per square mile (21st most dense)
  • Median Age:  38.7 (23rd youngest)
  • Deaths Per Year:  69,359
  • Annual Deaths Per 100,000: 814.3
  • Life Expectancy at Birth:  79
  • Fertility Rate (births per 1,000 women age 15-44):  57.8 (20th lowest rate)

Leading Causes of Death in Virginia

Cause of Death Deaths Per Year Deaths Per 100,000 National Rank
Heart Disease


15,062 149.1 34th


15,045 144.9 31st
Accidents (includes vehicle accidents)


3,944 43.8 41st


3,828 38.3 21st
Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases (e.g., emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma)


3,665 35.8 33rd
Alzheimer’s Disease


2,631 26.9 34th


2,350 22.8 22nd
Kidney Disease (nephritis, nephrosis, nephrotic syndrome)


1,662 16.4 9th
Pneumonia + Flu


1,100 11 35th


1,081 10.6 20th
Liver Disease / Cirrhosis


1,037 10 36th


1,140 12.8 40th
Drug Overdose


1,547 18.3 28th


436 5.3 26th

Population Statistics

Virginia has the 12th highest population among U.S. states and—between 2010 and 2019—grew at a rate about 5% faster than the rate of population growth nationally. Virginia’s fertility rate is 20th lowest in the nation (tied with North Carolina).

With a median age of 38.7 years, Virginia is tied with Wyoming for 23rd youngest state—though still a little older than the overall national median age.

Adjusted for age, Virginia’s mortality rate is 17th lowest in the U.S. and nearly identical to nearby Washington, D.C. Virginia’s average life expectancy of 79.1 years ties Idaho for 19th

Health Conditions

Virginia’s mortality rates for most major health-related causes of death are close to or a little below the overall national rates. The exception is kidney disease, in which Virginia’s rate is 9th.  For these reasons and more, we here at IBUSA will typically try to help applicants from Virginia first qualify  for term life insurance with no exam.

For those that won’t be able to qualify for such a policy, getting life insurance with a top company requiring a medical exam is still a viable option.

Finally, some people with pre-existing conditions may need to consider final expense insurance as an alternative.

Accidental Death

Virginia has the nation’s 10th lowest rate of deaths due to preventable accidents. Virginia’s rates of death due to vehicle accidents, falls, and accidental poisoning are all below the rate for the U.S. as a whole—though Virginia is slightly higher for choking deaths.  Thsi among other reasons is why we’ll often recommend that our clients at least consider purchasing an additional accidental death policy as a way to supplement any traditional life insurance coverage they may already have.

Homicide, Suicide and Firearms

Virginia has the nation’s 11th and 24th lowest rates of suicide and homicide, respectively. For all firearm-related deaths, Virginia ties Pennsylvania for 18th lowest, with 11.7 deaths per 100,000 population.


For 2020, Virginia had a COVID-19 death rate of 57.1 per 100,000—tied with West Virginia for 10th lowest in the nation. Through August, 2021, Virginia’s rate rose to 136 COVID deaths per 100,000, which is 13th

Motor Vehicle 

ate of 10.5 vehicle deaths per 100,000, Virginia is the Southeast’s safest state for motorists.


Virginia is the 4th best rated state in the U.S. for air and water quality.


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