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Qualifying for Life Insurance with Down’s Syndrome or an Intellectual Disability.

Let us first start our discussion about purchasing life insurance with a pre-existing medical condition like Down’s syndrome or an intellectual disability with the acknowledgment that these two conditions are not the same.

And that…

When we discussing these “conditions”, it’s important to always keep in mind that individuals who have been diagnosed with either, are going to vary significantly!

Some individuals…

Will be able to care for themselves, have jobs, and live independent lives, while others may have a difficult time living a “normal” life and may require significant care.

Which is why…

We always find it extremely discouraging when we encounter a particular insurance company that may have a “firm” guideline when it comes to working with both of these types of potential clients.

The good news is that…

Here at InsuranceBrokersUSA, we work with dozens of different life insurance companies so that when it comes time to helping some of these more “challenging” applicants find a life insurance policy that they can qualify for we “should” have plenty of options.

Now will we be able to help out everyone?

No.  Unfortunately, there will be some clients that we simply won’t be able to find coverage for.

Additionally, due to the “multiple of income” rule that states that individuals can only qualify for a certain amount of coverage based on how much they earn, we may also find it difficult for these clients to be able to qualify for “larger” type insurance policies.

But this does not mean that…

Someone who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome or determined “intellectually challenged” can’t qualify for a traditional term or whole life insurance policy, it just means that it’s going to be more difficult.

Additional considerations…

One added consideration that must also be taken into account other than the normal health and lifestyle factors that will be used to determine whether or not an individual can qualify for a life insurance policy is the “legal aspect” of purchasing a life insurance policy.

You see…

A life insurance policy is a LEGAL contract between two consenting parties.  The insurance company is one side of the equation and the client or insured is the other side of the equation.

And when purchasing a life insurance policy, the insurance company is “agreeing” to provide a death benefit in the event that the insured dies, while the insured is “agreeing” to pay a premium (a price) to have this insurance put into place.


It is just assumed that the insurance company “knows” what it is doing, however in cases where there may be a “cognitive” disability, that “knowledge” may not or should not be automatically assumed of the insured.


That the last thing that the insurance companies want or us here at JustBuryMe.com, want to be accused of is taking advantage of someone who doesn’t fully understand what they are agreeing to.

So… what do we do?

We’ll for us that is easy since our primary goal is to always do best by our clients.  So, in the case of individuals who have been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome or have been diagnosed as intellectually disabled, what we like to do is present all available options that we feel may be possible and then…

In most cases…

Refer these individuals directly to those insurance companies whom we “feel” will provide them with the greatest opportunity for success.  This way, there won’t be a “middle man” involved in the decision-making process which could potentially prevent an insurance underwriter from making the “best” decision.

Now there will be…

Some cases where the individual may be a “highly functioning” individual where simply questions like:

  • Do you live on your own?
  • Are you currently working now?
  • Are you currently receiving disability benefits?
  • Do you have a care taker that handles your finances?

Will make it obvious from the start, that they should be able to qualify for a life insurance policy, but without first speaking with the individual in question, we simply won’t know!

Totally confused?

Don’t be!  Just give us a call and we promise that we’ll do our very best to help you out!

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