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New York Mortality Rates

Mortality Rates New York

Mortality Rates in New York

  • New York Population: 19,453,561 (4th highest)
  • Population Density: 410.32 per square mile (6th most dense)
  • Median Age:  39.2 (20th oldest)
  • Deaths Per Year: 157,183
  • Annual Deaths Per 100,000: 804.3
  • Life Expectancy at Birth:  80.5 years
  • Fertility Rate (births per 1,000 women age 15-44): 57.2 (16th lowest)

Leading Causes of Death in New York

Cause of Death Deaths Per Year Deaths Per 100,000 National


Heart Disease 43,806 166.6 17th
Cancer 33,655 134.9 43rd
Accidents (includes vehicle accidents) 7,390 34.3 50th
Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases (e.g., emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma) 7,188 27.5 48th
Stroke 6,192 23.8 50th
Diabetes 4,564 18 43rd
Pneumonia + Flu 4,286 16.5 5th
Alzheimer’s Disease 3,753 13.7 50th
Hypertension (high blood pressure) 2,788 10.6 10th
Kidney Disease (nephritis, nephrosis, nephrotic syndrome) 2,565 9.9 36th
Suicide 1,705 8.3 49th
Drug Overdose 3,617 18.2 29th
Homicide 601 3.2 36th

Health Conditions

Many of  the best life insurance companies see New York as a bit of a “mixed bag” when considering applicants from this state. New York is among the ten states with the lowest rates of several leading health-related causes of death (cancer, respiratory diseases, stroke, diabetes), but is among the ten highest in high blood pressure and pneumonia / flu.

New York’s 804.3 total deaths per 100,000 ranks 7th lowest, and, when adjusted for age, New York’s rate is 3rd lowest (behind only CA and HI).

New York’s life expectancy at birth of 80.5 years rates 3rd highest in the nation

Accidents and Motor Vehicle Statistics

New York’s 34.3 per 100,000 deaths due to accident is the nation’s lowest rate. The state’s 5.7 vehicle deaths per 100,000 make New York one of the top three safest states in which to drive.

Tobacco Use

With only 12.8% of New York adults regular smokers, New York is the 6th most smoke-free state, which likely contributes to its very low rates of death due to respiratory illness.  It also makes most New Yorkers eligible for non-tobacco rates assuming the applicant does not use any tobacco products at all.


New York is also one of the ten least obese states in the U.S.


New York’s COVID-19 death rate per 100,000 is 273—second highest behind only neighboring New Jersey. New York’s 53,095 total COVID deaths (as of July, 2021) is also second highest (behind CA).


Coming in at 3.1 per 100,000, New York’s rate of workplace fatalities is among the highest in the northeastern U.S. (though the rate is not high nationally).


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