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Kemper Life Insurance Review

Kemper Life Insurance company review

It’s time to decide on a final expense life insurance policy. The first thing you should do is research final expense and burial life insurance companies and various policies they may offer. Among the best companies in this niche market is Kemper Life Insurance.

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About Kemper Life Insurance

As you search for the right life insurance company to purchase final expense or burial life insurance from, Kemper Life Insurance is sure to come up. Kemper Life Insurance is part of the Kemper group of companies. They offer a variety of insurance policies including: home, car, life, identity fraud, and health.

The Kemper Life companies consist of United Insurance Company of America, The Reliable Life Insurance Company, Union National Life Insurance Company, Mutual Savings Life Insurance Company.

Kemper Life Insurance Rating

Most life insurance companies are rated by third party rating agencies such as A.M. Best. A.M. Best rated Kemper Life Insurance with an A-.

This is an above average rating, so it’s a good rating that should reassure anyone considering to purchase a life insurance policy from Kemper Life.

Kemper Life Insurance Ratings:

  • A.M. Best rating: A-
  • S&P rating: A-
  • Moody’s rating: A3
  • Fitch rating: A-

For more info on Kemper Insurance, please go here.

Kemper Life Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance

If you have been denied life insurance coverage, then you may want to consider getting a final expense life insurance policy from Kemper Life.

Kemper Life Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance is a sure bet life insurance policy. That means if you have health problems or develop health problems later on, you cannot be denied a policy or become ineligible for your current policy. With Kemper Life Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance you will be covered no matter what.

Kemper Life Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance

  • Issue Age: 40-80 years old
  • Application Process: easy
  • Value: $5,000-25,000
  • Availability: Kemper Life is not yet available in California

Kemper Guaranteed Issue FAQ

  • How are rates determined? Rates are determined by the age of your last birthday.
  • Will smokers and non-smokers have different rates? No. Both smokers and non-smokers will have the same rate based on their age.
  • Can multiple people be insured under this policy?No. This policy is only for one person.
  • Will I have to answer medical questions? No. You will not have to answer any medical questions or undergo a medical exam.

Kemper Life Insurance Rates Examples:

Age $5000 coverage


$5000 Coverage


$25k Coverage


$25K Coverage


40 $26.04 $22.67 $133.52 $96.69
50 $29.96 $26.79 $133.14 $117.29
60 $38.45 $34.09 $175.56 $153.75
70 $60.07 $52.55 $283.65 $246.08

These rates are as of September 2016 and subject to change at any time. The purpose is only to show an example and may not reflect exact rates. Also remember, you can choose a death benefit of $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 or $25,000. Rates for 10k, 15k, 20k will likely fall somewhere in between the above given rates.

Is Kemper Life Insurance Right for Me?

This is the main thing you are trying to figure out, isn’t it? We’ve already told you that Kemper Life Insurance is a good life insurance company.

For many, it’s even a great life insurance company or the best life insurance company. However, that may or may not be true for you.

Figuring out if Kemper Life Insurance is the Best for You

In order to know if the best life insurance company for you is Kemper Life, you need to compare and contrast.

Finding the best life insurance policy is a simple process: Call IBUSA. We will give you customized rates for various life insurance companies offering final expense, guaranteed issue policies including Kemper Life.

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