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How long does Marijuana Stay in Your System (for those applying for life insurance)

how long does marijuana stay in your system

As marijuana use becomes less taboo within our society, we have noticed that an increase number of applicants from all walks of life are who are testing positive for it’s use during a routine life insurance application.

Sometimes this positive result…

Comes as a surprise to the applicant because they are not a daily or routine user, while other times, the applicant failed to disclose their use because they either didn’t even think about it or because it may have been prescribed to them by a licensed doctor and didn’t feel it was something to be concerned about.

In either situation…

What usually happens next is the client wants to know what his or her options are and…

“How long does Marijuana stay in one’s system?”

Presumably because they will want to wait that long until applying for life insurance again.  A strategy that we don’t necessarily recommend, for reasons that we discuss here in this article titled: qualify for life insurance with marijuana use.

Now without going…

Into great detail here in this article about why it’s not all that great of an idea to wait until the marijuana that you used is out of your system is because, once you’ve tested positive for marijuana, this information is shared within an insurance database that most insurance companies (if not all) will have access to.

A better option…

Is to simply start from scratch and in the even that you didn’t apply with a “marijuana friendly” insurance company choose to do so the second time around.  Especially if you have been denied life insurance by the original insurance company or charged an extra premium for your used.

The good news is…

That there are several top-rated life insurance companies that aren’t going to be too strict when it comes to applying for coverage as a marijuana user.

Heck, you may even be able to qualify for a no medical exam life insurance policy as well.

Which is why…

Rather than focus on how long Marijuana can last in your system, you should focus more on which life insurance companies aren’t going to care about it!

But, since we here at IBUSA…

Have been in the insurance game for a long time, we know there will still be those of you out there reading this who still want to take a chance and fool the system so let’s attempt to answer the question, how long will marijuana stay in your system in a way that will make it clear to you that you may be enlisting yourself on a fools errand.

How long will Marijuana stay in your system?

As Marijuana has begun to become legalized in many states for both medicinal and recreational use, many of the rules and regulations regarding its use has become about as confusing as the rationale each state has taken regarding how they will govern its use.

Which is why…

When someone finds themselves in a situation where they may need to take a drug test, knowing how long Marijuana can stay in one’s system can become a fundamental question one needs to know the answer to.

The only problem is, what does one mean when they used the term “system”?

  • Are we talking about one’s urine?
  • Or are we talking about one’s blood?

Blood vs. Urine

Regardless of “why” you may be asked to take a drug test, it’s essential to understand that the main component and drug test is going to look for is called THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC is the…

Psychoactive component of Marijuana. It usually keeps people high anywhere from a few hours to a day. A day, however, is super rare – and in cases like these, it’s usually only going to apply to edibles, which tend to release the THC into one’s system slowly over time.

That said however…

The length of time traces of THC stays in your system is much, much more. This means that long after the psychoactive effect wears off, you’ll still have THC in your system.   And as a result, it will still be “detectable” within your system.  There are two ways to check for THC:

Urine samples or blood samples.

In a urine test, THC might be detected 30-45 days after you use Marijuana.

With a blood test, it can be even longer: 60-75 days

What determines length of time in your system?

Marijuana is like anything else; the more you use it, the more it’s built up in your system. If you have been ingesting Marijuana every day for a month, it’s going to last in your system for longer than if you smoked one joint and get tested.

So, it’s safe to assume that…

The above numbers reflect the outer limits – the worst-case scenario—however, if you are taking a drug test, do you really want to mess around? If you do, then there are other studies that show Marijuana only stays in the urine for up to 14 days, and in blood for a month. You can decide, though, if you want to take the risk!

CBD and Drug Tests

CBD is a non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant. People take CBD drops, capsules, or gummies to help with pain, stress and much more. This is legal in all 50 states when it has zero THC. Most commonly used drug tests do not detect this compound.

But it’s important to note that…

Some CBD products have trace amounts of THC in them, which might be detected by a drug test. To avoid having any THC in your system, be sure that you are taking 100% THC-free CBD.

Do insurance companies care if you use Marijuana? 

Alcohol and cigarettes are legal, but insurance companies still ask you if you drink or smoke. Likewise, even though Marijuana may be legal in your state, an insurance company is still likely to ask you if you use it. In addition to asking you directly about marijuana use, an insurance company might:

  • Ask you for a drug test. Even if you come clean in the drug test, they still may use other methods to determine if you use Marijuana.
  • Look at medical records. Perhaps it states somewhere in a medical history that you use or have used Marijuana. This is something insurance companies might consider.
  • Checking MIB Reports. MIB stands for Medical Information Bureau. The MIB may have previous applications of yours, where you have stated you use Marijuana (or you tested positive for marijuana use). Any new insurance company you apply through may use this against you, or at least inquire more information from you.
  • Check the prescription database. If you have been a medicinal medical marijuana cardholder or have ever been prescribed medicinal Marijuana by a doctor, then an insurance company might find out through this database. Yes, they can legally obtain information through this route.

Life insurance options for marijuana users

First of all, it’s always best to just be honest. After all, if you do choose to lie and say you do not use Marijuana, but then test positive, this could potentially keep you from being able to qualify for coverage whereas had you been honest, it wouldn’t have mattered.


As long as you have no other disqualifying factor, marijuana use alone isn’t likely to be enough to make you ineligible for insurance. There are a few insurance companies who may not accept you as a client, particularly if you live in a state where Marijuana is still illegal. But so what! Just find another company to apply with.

The key is…

Knowing which companies will and won’t insure you, which is where questions like:

Why do you use Marijuana?

 If you use Marijuana for recreation, then it’s less likely to matter to an insurance carrier.

However, if you are using it medicinally, then it indicates a health problem or the presence of some type of pre-existing medical condition. This can be an actual problem.

For example…

If you are taking medicinal Marijuana for back pain (or, if you just thought that was an easy way to get a prescription), then you might not have “back pain” anywhere else in your medical history. But, because of the marijuana prescription, it’s there.

“Now, does “back pain” matter to an insurance company?”

It could if they think it’s possible that back pain could be a symptom of an ailment rather than the ailment in itself.

Basically, any time you have a prescription – whether it is for Marijuana or an asthma inhaler – it’s going to make an insurance underwriter pay attention. After all, their entire job is to find out how healthy you are, and the likelihood of you dying any time soon.

How frequent you use Marijuana?

This will probably affect your rate. If you use Marijuana once a month, it’s probably no big deal at all. However, if you wake and bake, then things look a little different to your potential life insurance company.

What kind of marijuana products do you consume? 

Just like smoking cigarettes, smoking marijuana isn’t good for the lungs, and could possibly lead to other health complications. Taking edibles, on the other hand, hasn’t been proven to result in as many health complications. Therefore, if you smoke Marijuana, your rate may be higher.

The good news is…

That if you decide to give us a call here at IBUSA, chances are you’re going to have several different options to choose from rather than “hoping” that the insurance company isn’t able to figure out that you have used or are currently using Marijuana.

So, if you’re ready to see what options may be available to you, just give us a call!

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