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Types of life insurance

For most people, term life insurance is going to be the best choice. It is inexpensive and easy to understand, and it does what it is supposed to do, provide a death benefit payout to a beneficiary if the insured dies prematurely. But term life is but one of the different types of life insurance […] Read more

In the broadest sense, life insurance is a contract under which an insurance company promises to pay a death benefit to your named beneficiary if you die. It’s a simple concept in theory, but, in practice there are different types of life insurance to choose from. No single life insurance product can claim the mantle […] Read more

Lurking in the background of just about every conversation we have here at IBUSA  is the fundamental question asking… “Is buying a Term Life Insurance Policy worth it?” Term life insurance rates are very affordable, more so than most people realize. But what is the point of paying for term life if you don’t die […] Read more

Should I Buy a Whole Life Insurance policy? Ok, now the first thing that we want to make clear is that here at IBUSA, we have found that in most cases, our clients will be best served by purchasing a Term Life Insurance Policy. This is because they aren’t interested in utilizing many of the […] Read more

There are many different life insurance companies in the U.S. but each company offers similar types of life insurance. At the most basic level, life insurance can be broken down into two major categories: term life insurance and permanent life insurance. We will go into the various aspects of the different life insurance options available. […] Read more

Whole Life Insurance Basics As you may know, there are two primary types of life insurance policies – term life and permanent life insurance. With whole life, this falls into the latter category of permanent life insurance coverage, which means that it will be in place until you die. Once the policy has been set […] Read more