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Company reviews

Lincoln Financial is one of the best life insurance companies in the U.S. and is an excellent choice for variable universal life insurance, consistently ranking as one of the top companies in VUL sales each year. In the following Lincoln Financial Review, we will discuss the history of the company, its ratings, and look at […] Read more

Equitable Life Insurance ranks as one of our best life insurance companies because its underwriting caters to certain niche applicants. And since we will sometimes recommend the company to our clients, we have put together this comprehensive Equitable review covering all things about the company. About Equitable Life Insurance Previously known as AXA Equitable Life […] Read more

Globe life is known in the life insurance industry as the company that offers cheap coverage with a first month payment of only $1. “$1* buys up to $100,000 life insurance for adults” They throw an asterisk in there because the $1 price changes the following month to life insurance rates based on age. Typically […] Read more

The best final expense insurance companies in the U.S. are companies that combine great financial ratings, top level policies, with low prices. We wrote this review of Lincoln Heritage because visitors will often come to our site to compare it with the other top burial insurance plans. We have a full breakdown of the company […] Read more

AARP’s life insurance program is administered by New York Life, one of the best life insurance companies in the U.S. However, AARP’s offerings are limited, and often you can find a similar product for less when shopping for life insurance. About AARP Once known as the “American Association of Retired Persons,” the organization now formally […] Read more

Prosperity Life Insurance Company makes our top final expense insurance companies list for 2020. Prosperity Life Insurance Ratings A.M. Best Company is the premier third party ratings agency. They asses the financial stability of insurance companies. A high life insurance rating from A.M. Best means the insurance company is well positioned financially and can meet […] Read more

You’ve probably found your way to this page because you are looking to buy a quality burial or final expense life insurance policy and you have a few questions: Is Aetna a good life insurance company? Does Aetna have a life insurance policy for me? What are the pros and cons of Aetna life insurance? […] Read more

KSKJ Life Insurance Review

You need life insurance and not just any life insurance: you need the best final expense or burial life insurance policy you can get. Keeping in mind your life insurance budget, requirements and eligibility, you’ve added KSKJ Life to a short list of companies possibly right for you. To help make up your mind, we […] Read more

United Heritage Insurance Review

What do you look for in a life insurance company when you’re looking to buy a final expenses or burial life insurance policy? Perhaps your only concern is affordability. Or maybe it’s their track record. Whatever it is, we at IBUSA know that you want a life insurance policy that’s going to offer your loved […] Read more

Royal Neighbors Life Insurance Review

Royal Neighbors makes our top final expense insurance companies list. Let’s take a look at why. Royal Neighbors Official Ratings Ultimately, you need a company that is financially secure and good with customers so let’s take a look. A.M. Best Rating A- (Excellent) Royal Neighbors is rated A- Excellent (4th highest out of 15) by […] Read more