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The Best Life Insurance Policy For You [Based on Your Needs and Goals]

Life Insurance Policy Definition:

A contract between two parties, the owner and insurer, where the owner promises to pay a premium to the insurer, in return the insurer promises to pay a death benefit to the owner’s beneficiary upon the death of the insured.

There are various types of life insurance policies, but the two primary categories are permanent insurance and term insurance.

Before we address the differences in the types of policies available, lets talk about the life insurance benefits.

Benefits of a Life Insurance Policy

Tax free death benefit payout

Tax deferred cash value growth

Tax free dividend payments

Tax free living benefits

What is a term life insurance policy?

Types of term life insurance

Benefits of Term Life Insurance


What is a permanent life insurance policy?

Types of Permanent Life Insurance

Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance

How Do I Find The Cheapest Life Insurance Policy Rates?

Life Insurance Policy Considerations

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

You can use an online life insurance calculator to determine how much life insurance you need.

How Long Do I Need Life Insurance?

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