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Whole Life Insurance

When comparing whole life insurance to term, some publications and financial gurus get hung up exclusively on price.  Price is, of course, a completely legitimate consideration. But it doesn’t tell the entire story because whole life and term life are fundamentally different products and, frankly, whole life provides benefits going far beyond the conditional death […] Read more

In the broadest sense, life insurance is a contract under which an insurance company promises to pay a death benefit to your named beneficiary if you die. It’s a simple concept in theory, but, in practice there are different types of life insurance to choose from. No single life insurance product can claim the mantle […] Read more

To get to the point, if you are considering whole life insurance, definitely choose participating life insurance over non-participating life insurance. We will get into the details below, but the main point is when you buy a participating life insurance policy you are getting an ownership share of the insurance company and you get a […] Read more

Infinite banking is a concept created by Nelson Nash that focuses on how you can become your own banker using dividend paying whole life insurance. Becoming your own banker means you use your whole life insurance policy as your personal bank, drawing money form it through withdrawals, or preferably, life insurance loans, and using the […] Read more

Most life insurance policies that focus on smaller death benefits, such as a $25,000 whole life insurance policy,  are usually going to be what are called final expense or burial insurance policies. Final expense life insurance policies are usually reserved for folks over the age of 50, although some companies offer policies at age 45. […] Read more

Whole Life Insurance Basics As you may know, there are two primary types of life insurance policies – term life and permanent life insurance. With whole life, this falls into the latter category of permanent life insurance coverage, which means that it will be in place until you die. Once the policy has been set […] Read more