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Whole Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Seniors over 85

In life, there are certain significant birthdays one will have.  Turning 16 usually meant that you could begin driving a car.  At 21 it usually meant you could have a drink (legally) and unfortunately at 85, you’re most likely going to lose the ability to purchase a traditional term or whole life insurance policy. Now, […] Read more

Life insurance is an important financial tool that provides financial security for your loved ones in the event of your unexpected death. And while it can be used to cover a wide variety of expenses ranging from mortgages, lost wages, and even future college expenses, most of the time when someone is considering purchasing a […] Read more

At IBUSA, we are not married to any one type of life insurance and we certainly do not always recommend you “Buy term and invest the difference.” Why is that, you may ask. The main reason is, we are not trying to sell you a quick and easy term insurance policy and move on to […] Read more

Limited pay life insurance is a great asset that is often used by those interested in infinite banking or using it for a life insurance retirement plan. You see, one huge advantage of whole life vs other permanent life insurance products is fixed premiums. When you buy a policy, you know that, no matter how […] Read more

Whole life insurance is a versatile financial asset.  You get the death benefit that usually comes to mind when most people think of life insurance.  And you also get whole life’s interest-earning cash value component. These dual benefits let a single policy serve as both a financial backstop in case of death and a tool […] Read more

Whole Life Insurance Pros and Cons

In this article we will focus on the pros and cons of whole life insurance. Before we dive in, we wanted to make one point off the bat. When comparing whole life insurance to term, some publications and financial gurus get hung up exclusively on price.  Price is, of course, a completely legitimate consideration. But […] Read more

All participating life insurance is whole life insurance, but not all whole life insurance is participating life insurance. Participating Life Insurance allows you to participate in the ownership of the company and share in the profits through dividends. Non-Participating Life Insurance is the opposite, allowing zero ownership, no voting rights, and no share of profits […] Read more

Modified Whole Life Insurance

There are two types of modified whole life insurance to be aware of. The first is modified whole life where the premium changes over time. The second is modified benefit whole life where the death benefit is paid as a percentage of the face amount for the first 2 or 3 years of the policy […] Read more

The Best Whole Life Insurance Policy

Whole Life Insurance Basics As you may know, there are two primary types of life insurance policies – term life and permanent life insurance. With whole life, this falls into the latter category of permanent life insurance coverage, which means that it will be in place until you die. Once the policy has been set […] Read more