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No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Is Burial Insurance worth it?

Burial Insurance, is it worth it? To understand whether or not a burial life insurance policy is “worth it”, one must first understand that for an insurance company to remain in business, they must first collect more money than they payout. So… When critics of these “types” of life insurance policies state that most folks […] Read more

At IBUSA, we specialize in helping people get life insurance fast. Many of the companies we work with offer some type of no exam life insurance solution, with several companies providing fast turnaround times in as little as 24 hours. So, if you are in the market for no exam life insurance, and you are […] Read more

Qualifying for Life Insurance while Pregnant. Seeing how “major” life changes tend to increase one’s interest in the idea of purchasing a life insurance policy, it really shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise to learn that once someone becomes pregnant, questions like: Do we have any life insurance in place? If so, how […] Read more

Here at IBUSA, we’re often asked by clients of all ages… “What’s the easiest life insurance policy to qualify for?” Which seems like it should be an easy question to answer, but the problem is, the answer is going to depend upon the person asking the question! You see… If you’re young, healthy and don’t […] Read more

Despite all the differences we as American’s face in today’s society, one irrefutable truth is that at the end of the day, we all want what’s best for our own family and loved ones. And sometimes this… Desire to do what’s best means that we have to assume the responsibility of another family member by […] Read more