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American National vs. AIG

American National vs. AIG

American National and AIG are both large, financially stable insurance companies that offer a variety of life insurance products. It is difficult to determine which is the best life insurance company without knowing more about your specific needs and circumstances.

Comparing ⟶ American National American General (AIG)

Year Founded



Company Structure




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Types of Policies:

Term Life

Whole Life

Universal Life

Final Expense


A.M. Best Rating



S&P Rating



Moody’s Rating


Fitch Rating


Comdex Rating



BBB Rating

Not Accredited


NAIC complaint Index



IBUSA’s Overall Score

Company Review

AIG – American General’s review

Comparing AIG to American National

Here are a few things to consider when comparing American National vs AIG.

Product offerings:

Both companies offer a range of life insurance products, including term life, whole life, and universal life insurance. However, the specific products and features that are available may vary from one company to another.

Both offer no exam life insurance products, so you can get insured without having to take an exam if you qualify.

Further, both offer a type of final expense insurance. So, whether you are considering coverage that lasts for a specific term or for coverage that will last your entire life, both have coverage to meet your needs.

Financial stability:

Both American National and AIG are well-established insurance companies with strong financial ratings. However, it is a good idea to review the financial stability ratings of any insurance company before purchasing a policy.


Life insurance rates can vary significantly from one company to another, even for similar coverage. It is a good idea to compare quotes from both American National and AIG to see which company offers the most competitive premiums.

Customer service:

Both American National and AIG have a reputation for good customer service. However, you may want to consider factors such as the availability of customer service, the responsiveness of the company to customer inquiries, and the ease of making claims when deciding which company to choose.

Ultimately, the best life insurance company for you will depend on your individual needs and circumstances. It is a good idea to shop around and compare quotes from multiple companies before making a decision.

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