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Pennsylvania health insurance generally comes from five major companies. Most of the companies do business across the entire state, from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. Health insurance Pennsylvania is available to individuals, family, self employed, and groups. While no one can be turned down in a group plan, this is not the same for the rest. This is where expertise is here to help you.

Explore your options from every company in the state by clicking Pennsylvania health insurance quotes here!

When applying for Pennsylvania health insurance individuals and families should be aware that not every health insurance Pennsylvania company treats applicants the same. Some companies have more affordable rates that are low cost and cheap now, but could sky rocket in the future. In addition, you must first be approved on the plan. We make it our job to get you approved in the easiest and fastest way possible.

First a plan must be picked. The companies available in PA are United Health One, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health America, and Celtic. Representatives at our office will explain the differences amongst these companies so that the best decision can be made for individuals, family, self employed, and groups.

Second the clients' application is submitted for approval from the company. It is best to discuss the application with a representative before applying for individual health insurance Pennsylvania. The process of approval can be forty-eight hours or two weeks depending on the company. Some plans also do more investigating than others. Once again we will be here to help with your decision.

Finally, an approval comes along. Your Pennsylvania health insurance plans' cards and policy will arrive in the mail shortly. You will be able to use your plan from the effective date chosen. If your cards at not received by that point, you can always use your social security number if there is an emergency.