Why You Need Life Insurance

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What do you think of life insurance? Let me guess: that you don’t need it. After all, how many people you know died recently? Surely, every once in a while you do hear those heart-breaking stories about folks passing away and leaving their entire families behind in the roaring physical world which refuses to take one’s grief as payments… But what does it have to do with you? What Life Insurance is See, the reason […]

annuities explained


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Simple Explanation of Annuities Annuity is a financial instrument that serves a wide range of purposes, from risk reduction to high-return long-term investment. Read on to learn about annuities and their usage. Annuity is the opposite of life insurance. When you buy life insurance, the insurance company wants you to live forever because it has to pay your beneficiary a death benefit if you die before a certain age (usually 100 years). When you buy an annuity, the […]