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Best Final Expense and Burial Insurance Companies

Is Final Expense Insurance a Good Deal?

This is a question that a lot of folks will ask from a variety of different perspectives. For example, some folks may be wondering if a Final Expense or Burial Insurance Policy is a good deal for them personally? While others… May be wondering if a Final Expense Insurance Policy is a good deal for […] Read more

Nowadays, it seems like just about every commercial on TV or Radio seems to be trying to sell someone some type of burial life insurance. The only problem is that most of these commercials only focus on how “easy” it can purchase a final expense insurance policy. But very few discuss “how” one should go […] Read more

Dying without Life Insurance. For many people, “life insurance” sounds like something, only the rich and famous get for their heirs, or is only something someone needs to worry about when they get “old.” But that’s the same kind of thinking that makes a roofer super busy once it starts raining! It’s also… The same […] Read more

Here at IBUSA, we understand that not everyone is looking to purchase a million dollar life insurance policy.  Sometimes… A small burial or funeral insurance policy is all that they really need. After all, the going price for a funeral in the U.S. is around $7,000. Source. Which is why… We wanted to take a moment […] Read more