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Best life insurance companies

In this article, we want to take a moment and discuss some of the differences you’ll find between life insurance policies that will require you to take a medical exam vs. those that won’t. And since we… Here at IBUSA offer both “types” of life insurance policies, our goal isn’t going to be to try […] Read more

Here at IBUSA, we’ll often have clients ask us… “Which life insurance company is the best?” And while this may seem like an easy question to answer, the truth is, there are a lot of great life insurance companies out there, but few are actually the “best” for everyone. You see… Every life insurance company […] Read more

Buying life insurance on your Ex. Putting aside any jokes one might have about applying for a life insurance policy on an ex-husband or ex-wife, the reality of the situation is that having such a policy is necessary to protect their financial futures for a lot of individuals. After all… During most divorce procedures, much […] Read more

Multiple Life Insurance Policies. Yes, individuals can own several different life insurance policies on themselves. In fact, it’s quite common. What isn’t quite as common though, is understanding why some folks will choose to take out several life insurance policies on themselves and what insurance “kinds” of rules and regulations an insurance company may place […] Read more

Life insurance during a divorce. Let’s face it; getting divorced can be expensive and stressful. This is why getting “blindsided” by a judge’s or opposing councils request for one to get a life insurance policy on one’s self so that you can finally settle your divorce is never a good feeling. This is why… In […] Read more

Hands down, the best time to buy a term or whole life insurance policy is probably two days before you die. This way, you can thoroughly review your policy in full and still have enough time to let all your loved one’s know that you’re fully insured before you die. The only problem with…  This […] Read more

Seeing how in 2016 alone nearly 1 million drivers were arrested under the influence, it’s not all that difficult to imagine why we here at IBUSA get so many folks calling us asking… “If their previous DUI is going to prevent them from being able to qualify for a traditional term or whole life insurance […] Read more

Is Burial Insurance worth it?

Burial Insurance, is it worth it? To understand whether or not a burial life insurance policy is “worth it”, one must first understand that for an insurance company to remain in business, they must first collect more money than they payout. So… When critics of these “types” of life insurance policies state that most folks […] Read more

The top rated life insurance companies are listed below. These are among the best life insurance companies in the US. In order to achieve a spot on the list the company must have high ratings from at least two of the top 3rd party rating agencies, A.M. Best, S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch. The following highest […] Read more